On site workshops about posture, tension, stress and the daily challenges of the workplace.

Practising Private Alexander technique lesson

Back, neck, and shoulder pain are on the rise, as are burnout and other stress related problems. But what can you do about it? 

In these workshops I introduce the rich art and science of posture and muscle tension and how posture and tenstion are related to quality of focus.  You leave with three simple tricks that will change the way you think about posture.

Contact us if you are interested in joining or if you would like to organize a lunchtime workshop at your workspace or business.

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Our blogs about Alexander technique


I have always been someone who has suffered from tension in my neck and shoulders. This would lead to regular discomfort and headaches. I was always aware that my posture was contributing to this problem, but no matter how much I would try to ‘correct my posture’ I continued to experience problems. The Alexander Technique has helped me to understand the causes to the strain I was experiencing and has introduced me to a way of releasing the tensions that were causing my discomfort. Rather than forcing myself to stand up straight and ‘trying’ to force my muscles to relax it has taught me a way of allowing my body to operate in a more comfortable and natural way. I have found Patrick’s approach to teaching the technique not only helpful during the lessons, but also afterwards too. The lessons not only focus on using the technique in a learning environment, but then applying it to everyday life and activities. This has helped me gain a good awareness of the tensions that I was experiencing and then start to learn to allow these stresses and strains to become less problematic for me.

Jeremy Roberts
Theatre Manager at The Adelphi Theatre in London

With Alexander technique I feel lighter, longer, and I move more elegantly. Patrick is a great teacher, very professional and knowledgeable. Taking his alexander classes helps me a lot to keep a better posture with out tension. I feel a lot more relaxed and focused as well. He also have a light and funny stile.

Carlota Granga
IT professional

I was curious about the Alexander Technique, so I signed up for one-on-one lessons with Patrick. I’ve been going once-a-week for 7 months. Through working with him, I find myself more at ease in my body while performing day-to-day activities (desk-work, yoga, weightlifting, etc). Patrick works methodically, provides a lot of positive reinforcement and tailors the lesson to any specific issues that I might have. The lessons take place at Smartbody, which is located in the center of Amsterdam. I take one-on-one lessons in English, but he also teaches in other formats/in Dutch. I would highly recommend learning Alexander Technique with Patrick.

Neel Shaw