Personalized attention in small groups

In Pilates, the devil is in the details – get it right, and you experience your body in a whole new way. Get it wrong and it is just another mindless repetition.

Smartbody combines its expertise with small class sizes (average 6-10 students with maximum of 12) and an emphasis on personalized feedback. We think this is the only effective way to absorb the full benefit of Pilates in a group setting. 

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Choosing a class:

Which class to choose depends on your level, experience, interests and the state of your body:

– Little or no experience with Pilates: Sign up for our 6 week Introduction to Pilates Levels I and II.
– Some experience but not sure where you are: Follow one of our Basics classes and discuss your situation with the teacher.
– Lots of experience: Experiment with all the options!
– Recovering from injury or suffering from chronic pain: Contact us directly and we will assess your situation and design a personalized program for you.
– Want to try Equipment: If you have a basic grounding in Pilates, try our springboard class or reformer quartet classes.

Introduction to Pilates I
Introduction to Pilates II

Intermediate and advanced
Intermediate Mat
Classic Mat
Advanced Mat
Intermediate Springboard
Intermediate/advanced Reformer quartet

Pilates Basics
Basic Springboard
Beginning Reformer quartet

Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates Classes
Alexander technique group class


I keep coming back because I know that when I leave I will have been reconnected to myself in a way that goes beyond the physical. A really good Pilates teacher knows not only how to guide you to work and move your body, but also how to make you mindful of what you are doing in that moment, giving your brain a break. Everyone who has taught me at Smartbody has their own personal flavor, but what they have in common is the ability to go beyond the everyday and teach in a way that gives you the inspiration, motivation, or care that you need that day.

Oonagh Jobling Aitken
Business Consultant


Introduction to Pilates I

A six class basic course for anyone new to the Pilates Method. Fundamentals of breath, alignment and the essential repertoire of mat exercises. Classes meet once per week. Preregistration is required. This course fills up quickly so preregister now!

Introduction to Pilates II

A six class basic course that builds on information covered in Intro A. Suitable for students who have followed Intro A or the equivalent at another studio. This course fills up quickly so preregister now!

Pilates group classesPilates Basics
This is our most basic open mat class. The content of the class varies depending on the teacher, but usually includes the “Basic Ten”: The Hundred, Rollup, Single Leg Circle, Single Leg Stretch, Scissors, Swan, Swimming, Side Kicks Series, Spine Twist and Plank. You are a beginner if you attend this class and you will still be instructed on when to stay “neutral”, when to “imprint” and on how to execute a proper Swan. If you have done some random Pilates throughout your life, but still feel hazy about what’s going on, this class is for you!

Intermediate and advanced – mat classes


This is the next level up from Pilates Basics. Intermediate classes are characterized by quicker pacing and the introduction of more “flow” – the stringing of one exercise after another. Most Intermediate level classes are likely to put you through the punishing “Ab Series”, as well as to tackle inversion exercises like the Rollover and the Corkscrew. In order to keep the pace of the lesson nice and snappy, we want you to stay with Pilates Basics until the “Basic Ten” are solidly under your belt.


The Springboard is basically a wall unit with different springs attached to it. The springs are characterised by different tension levels, creating a broad repertoire of exercises for your abs, back, arms, legs and entire body. Springboard classes “feel” different from mat classes given that the student is working with resistance, but the movement principles are the same. This is a great class to try if you’ve heard a lot of talk about Pilates “apparatus” without shelling out the money for a private lesson.

Equipment Group Classes

Pilates accessoriesReformer Quartet
A 6 week reformer training on Tuesday evenings. Jelena takes 4 hardworking and enthusiastic students through a fluid 60 minute class on the Reformers. Small group = big payoff. For advanced students only. 150 Euros for the six week course. This course fills up quickly and requires preregistration
Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates Classes

Learn to move and breathe well in your pregnancy and post-baby months. The Pilates Method is safe and pleasurable way to exercise during pregnancy and postnatal recovery; working postural tone, protecting joints and increasing body awareness. Let Smartbody’s experienced Pilates teachers guide you!