Liability, Terms, and Conditions

Liability, terms and conditions for scheduling and purchasing at Smartbody


  • Pilate requires physical exertion, which may be strenuous and may cause physical injury. The customer is responsible for any injuries he/she may incur during a class, providing that there is no gross negligence on the part of Smartbody or Smartbody teachers.
  • If the customer has any doubts about his/her health he/she is advised to consult a doctor. The customer is obliged at all times to report any health complaints or other physical details (eg pregnancy, high blood pressure, muscle or joint complaints, etc.) to the teacher. In case of any discomfort during a class or workshop (eg pain, cramp, dizziness, nausea, etc.) stop and inform the teacher.
  • By attending classes, the customer waives any against Smartbody and Smartbody teachers for injuries or damages that he/she may sustain as a result participation. Heirs, legal representatives, and and the customer forever release and waive any liabilities against Smartbody and its instructors for any injury or death incurred by voluntary participation in a class, workshop, or other Smartbody activity
  • Smartbody is not liable for loss, misappropriation, theft or damage, both directly and indirectly, respectively from or to the customer’s property.
  • Damage caused by the customer intentionally or through improper use to Smartbody’s property, must be compensated.

Scheduling and Reservations:

  • You may reserve your spot in classes online using our web page or our app. You may also make reservations by email, phone, or in person at the studio.
  • You may show up for classes without a reservation, but this does not guarantee that there will be a spot available for you.
  • Privates and semi-privates may be scheduled and reserved in person, by phone, or by email. We do not reserve privates online.


You may cancel a reservation with no charge if you do so before the “late cancel time”. The late cancellation time is measured from the start time of the service prior to the service. The cancellation is considered a “late cancellation” if it occurs after the late cancel time, in which case you will be charged late cancellation fees.

Service Type Late cancellation time
Mat classes 12 hours prior to start of class
Springboard classes 12 hours prior to start of class
Rerformer quartets 24 hours prior to start of class
Private appointments 24 hours prior to start of appointment
Semi-private appointments 24 hours prior to start of appointment
Workshops variable – see workshop description


  • For example, if a mat class starts at 9am on Monday, you need to cancel before 9pm on Sunday to avoid late cancellation fees.
  • If your private lesson is scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday, you need to cancel before 2pm on Tuesday to avoid late cancellation fees.

Late cancellations fees:

Late cancellation fees are the full price of the service for non-members and half price for members.


  • All purchases are final unless otherwise agreed upon by Smartbody and the client.
  • Smartbody reserves the right to cancel a purchase and refund the money at their discretion


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