Zakia el Abodi

Movement has been a natural and important part of Zakia’s entire life and has continued through her current dual career as an artist (visual and performance) and a Pilates teacher. Zakia earned her BA in fine arts from the Rietveld academy and trained to be a teacher at Smartbody in 2013. In addition to her artistic and Pilates training she has also trained intensively in Horton technique, Feldenkrais, Inyengar Yoga, and physical theater.

Pilates supports the diverse physical challenges demands of her artistic work – both the long periods of standing and sitting when creating art objects as well as demanding movements when creating performance art. This has given her a deep appreciation for the wide ranging benefits of Pilates.

I love Pilates for its strong body-mind connection and it’s unique ability to strengthen, stretch and re-balance the body from inside out. I love to teach. It is a fun and beautiful method and I love to see the wonderful benefits of Pilates on the people I teach. I focus on classical Pilates but include contemporary approaches and ideas from my own eclectic movement background. (Zakia)

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