Rocío Laura Olazabal

Rocio Laura studied ballet and contemporary dance from a very young age in Madrid and Biarritz (France). She has always practiced pilates to complement her dance training. In 2014, she came to the Netherlands to join the Dance in Art Junior Company. She completed her Pilates Mat and Equipment teacher training at SmartBody in 2016. Pilates has helped her a lot in her dancing, making her stronger and more stable. It is also a great way to recover from injuries and strengthening personal weaknesses.

I love that Pilates is beneficial for everyone from office workers to dancers. It is great to see clients improve their posture, gain mobility and agility and improve their body so it responds, without effort, to the needs of their everyday life. I also take great pleasure in meeting many people from diverse backgrounds and introducing each of them to Pilates in a different way. Through this process, I get to establish a unique, positive connection with them. The well being of my client after a class makes me very very happy. (Rocio)