Kelly Hirina

After two decades of dancing professionally in The Netherlands with directors such as Emio Greco, Krizstina de Châtel and Jakop Ahlbom, Kelly completed her Pilates training at Smartbody in 2016. The same year, she also became a certified yoga instructor at Yoga Moves in Utrecht. Recently Kelly returned to Amsterdam after receiving her Masters degree which focuses on dance pedagogy, process-oriented growth and flow. Kelly utilizes movement to cure physical and mental ailments. She challenges her clients to see their potential, focusing on growth and positivity and enjoys watching individuals change through the detailed training at Smartbody.

I am passionate about teaching Pilates. I am constantly amazed at how much bodies can change through this method and it is a pleasure to share it with my clients. Pilates counteracts the pain and stress of a long day of work, be it spent in dance rehearsals or behind a computer, so that you wake up each morning energetic, flexible and strong in both body and mind! (Kelly)