Jelena Petrovic

Jelena Petrovic was one of the first people to teach Pilates in the Netherlands, back in 2000. She studied Pilates with Dylan Skybrook in Minneapolis and Ellie Herman in San Francisco and began teaching at various studios and gyms in 1999. From 2000 to 2006, she taught Pilates to groups and individuals in Amsterdam, while also working as a choreographer and dancer, both in the Netherlands as well as internationally. In 2006, she threw in the towel and stopped dancing, in order to start Smartbody, Amsterdam’s first fully equipped, full service Pilates studio. Jelena is the mother of two boys, Owen and Milan, who can both do perfect crescent rolls.

I teach with passion, humor and total commitment. During my years as a dancer, I was most inspired by those teachers who made me work hard and challenged me but had compassion for me and saw me as a person. This is what I’ve aspired to ever since. I like to give people the sense that they’ve achieved something beautiful and important through movement. I love that I have such a varied clientele – people rehabing from serious injuries, musicians, pregnant women, postnatal women, former athletes. Everyone learns differently, so my teaching remains fresh and accessible! (Jelena)

I know I should train – that it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle – but I am as lazy as can be. For me, Jelena is a star trainer; intuitive, inspirational and encouraging. She embodies Pilates for me. Every session is different – and as much fun as she can make it. I have been training with her for about 6 years, and yes, it’s hard work, but also a pleasure – and I KNOW it works. Kate Hume – Founder and Owner Kate Hume Interiors

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