Jeffrey Ross

After a professional dance career of nine years with leading European dance companies such as the Nederlands Dans Theater, The Hamburg Ballet and Bejart Ballet Lausanne, Jeffrey studied at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam where he received degrees both in Fine Arts and Architectural Design. His experience of the body in space as a dancer was easily translated to his studies in sculpture and architecture.

Jeffrey first studied Pilates in Hamburg in the 1980s with Vesna Matthies, where he became aware of the far-reaching benefits of Joseph Pilates’s technique. He passion for Pilates has carried on after ending his professional dancing career to this day. Recently he followed and became certified through the mat teacher training course at Smartbody in Amsterdam, where he studied with Jelena Petrovic and Anne Levin.

Forays into karate, masters competitive swimming, weight training and Ashtanga Yoga augment my knowledge of the body and movement. These cross-over experiences have influenced my vision for applying Pilates to each individual and their own specific needs. I believe in aiding each student to understand the principles behind Pilates so that they can develop their own critical eye when executing each exercise. Through my ballet background, precision and control dominate my approach to teaching Pilates. (Jeffrey)

You will feel better after ten sessions, look better after twenty, and have a complete new body after thirty. Joseph Pilates