Dereck Cayla

Dereck graduated as a Pilates teacher from Smartbody studio in December 2017 he is now teaching group Reformer and privates classes at Smartbody.

Dereck’s interest in movement started at a young age with gymnastics, hip hop, and jazz dance. Later he took up ballet and modern dance and began his career as an international dancer. Dereck discovered Pilates through dance. To him Pilates is a wonderful support to heal and restore balance between body and mind. Bringing this wonderful tool to others is what motivated him to become a teacher.

Dereck also teaches the dance method called Double skin/Double mind and recently graduated as a Yoga teacher in Sivananda tradition.

In my class I try to support my student in drawing the intention and focus toward their body. It’s important to me that they have the necessary tools to grow awareness in their practice. I believe that Pilates offers a way to build up a strong sense of core which allows freedom of all kinds, both in movement and in the mind. (Dereck)

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