Astarti Athanasiadou

Astarti first studied Pilates during her dance education in Athens, Greece. Having experienced by first hand the benefits of Pilates as a dancer, such as full body strength, awareness and postural improvement, she decided to become transmitter of the method herself. She completed her mat and equipment training at Smartbody in 2009, taught by Jelena Petrovic and Anna Levin. She continues to expand her skills and knowledge by following workshops given by worldwide acclaimed instructors such as Sharon Gallagher, Tom McCook, Jessica Cresey, Amit Younger, Jessica Fundim, as well as by training in other relevant somatic approaches such as Alexander technique, Rolfing, Feldenkrais and martial arts. Next to her Pilates teachings, Astarti is a freelance dance artist and dance teacher.

My goal as a Pilates teacher is to take my students through the classic pilates repertoire with a safe approach and a touch of humor. I enjoy making the method understandable in my students’ bodies as well as witnessing how their movement skills grow. I aim to make each class a rich and challenging journey at a both physical and mental level. I teach people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds at a daily basis. I give emphasis in the process rather than the product by respecting everyone’s learning rhythm and needs. (Astarti)

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You will feel better after ten sessions, look better after twenty, and have a complete new body after thirty. Joseph Pilates