Anna Levin

Anna started doing Pilates while dancing professionally in Chicago, Illinois. She certified at Body Balance, Chicago in 1999 and is currently PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) certified. Pilates brought a new element of core strength to her dancing kept injuries at bay throughout her rigorous rehearsal and performing schedule. She also certified in Gyrotonic in 1998. She moved to Amsterdam in 2004 where she helped build up Smartbody Studio in their early days. In 2008, she completed her Yoga training at Svaha Yoga in 2008. Anna has also studied with Elizabeth Larkam, Alan Heardman, Amit Younger, Rachel Taylor Segal, Carolyne Anthony, Sharon Gallagher as well as others. She is currently the assistant director of the Smartbody Studio Pilates Teacher Training program. When not teaching or doing Pilates or Yoga, she is chasing her son around Amsterdam or knitting a scarf.

I was quite sceptical myself before I started training in Pilates, but I found that my lower back pain immediately went away and my weak, unstable shoulder improved to the point where I feel confident doing handstands and back bends. I love teaching and helping my clients succeed with their own bodies. It’s very exciting to teach someone an exercise that appears to be impossible and watch their face light up when they succeed. (Anna)

Smartbody private sessions with Anna are the perfect remedy for body and soul and have truly become highlights of my week. Anna’s spot-on, challenging, yet patient, instruction targets my weaknesses and has resulted in strengthened core and posture, more attuned body awareness, and blessed stress release. And her intelligent, lovely demeanor in the peaceful Smartbody studios just keeps me coming back for more.

Lisa Ann Lydon – full time mother of three