Ana Nikitovic

Ana Nikitovic first encountered pilates more than 20 years ago in Belgrade where she grew up. She embraced the way Pilates connects mind and the body, helping her to improve posture, strengthen and move with more ease. She became a dedicated practitioner including regular pilates lessons in her lifestyle of travelling. The more she delved into her Pilates practice, the better she coped with her professional life. After finally settling in Amsterdam, she completed her comprehensive teacher training and stared teaching in 2015. Besides teaching Pilates, Ana is a contemporary art curator and mother of Nikita, a talented and natural mover.

Pilates is for everyone, but we all have different bodies and we learn in different ways. I first try to understand who my client is as a person. I help my students to improve in ways they wouldn’t be able to do by themselves. While teaching, I am passionate and committed, which is why I enjoy it so much. Whether a group or a private lesson, my aim is that every client gets the best out of each class. (Ana)

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