Alice Tossut

Alice Tossut studied ballet and contemporary dance from a young age. When she was 18 she moved to Rome where she completed the 3 year DAF (Dance Arts Faculty) professional dancer certification course. There she was also introduced to the Pilates method. She worked as dancer in Rome and later in Amsterdam where she moved in 2015. In 2016 she followed the KinetiCode Pilates Teacher Training and received the Pilates Mat certification. After one year of teaching she discovered SmartBody and in 2017 she completed the Equipment Teacher Training.

I find Pilates always a challenging work in progress. It requires a strong mind-body connection, mobility, strength, focus, awareness, precision, control and a lot of commitment. Pilates, in our fast-paced “must happen now” society, also shows me that some things need time to happen. It can really improve your daily life.

I love teaching because I have to find the key to connect to each new client. I have to find the most effective approach – the right exercises, pace, and personalized feedback that works for them. I try to create a unique relation with each of my clients and am amazed at how they progress. (Alice)

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