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Teaching Pilates is a wonderful profession. We want you to love it as much as we do.


Becoming a great Pilates teacher takes full immersion, dedicated practice, and personalized feedback. There are no shortcuts or formulas.

The Smartbody teacher training program began in 2008 with a vision of high quality training in an intimate setting. We offer continuous contact with master teachers with small groups and no hidden costs. Our graduates currently teach professionally across the globe.

Our current training is full. The next training starts September 1, 2019. Class sizes are small and these courses fill up quickly so contact us now if you are interested.

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Course Features

  • Small groups
    • Eight trainees total will be accepted. 4 mat and 4 comprehensive
  • Intensive training
    • 500 hours comprehensive
    • 200 hours mat only
    • Five to eight months
  • Personalized feedback
    • Master teachers on site throughout the training
    • Hands on mentoring
  • Unlimited Access
    • full access to space for training and practice teaching
    • unlimited free classes
    • all exams, classes, etc. included in price

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Want to hear directly from some recent graduates? Click here

When I moved to Amsterdam in the fall of 2015, I arrived knowing I was enrolled in the Smartbody Pilates Mat Teacher Certification for 2016. At this point, I hadn’t yet made up my mind as to whether or not I would continue further to pursue the Comprehensive Teacher Training program. However, once the Mat certification began, I was so impressed by how thorough the course was, both theoretically and practically, that I decided to do the Comprehensive program. This was one of the best decisions I made! While the program is intense, it is well laid out and therefore very manageable.
The best part of Smartbody’s training program is the personal attention the instructors provide, given they only accept a small number of dedicated students. Many other programs seem to lack this. Through a combination of practical lecture, anatomy lessons, equipment classes, self-practice (including unlimited access to the studio and it’s beautiful equipment!), teaching hours, observation hours and 1:1 meetings, you learn a large repertoire of Pilates exercises and how to instruct your students in an effective and safe manner. Having graduated from this program, I feel confident as a Pilates teacher, and utilize what I have learned into my practice as a Physiotherapist.
A little bonus: You may meet some life long friends in the process like I did. Michelle Lee— – Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

After I graduated, I was able to approach any client with confidence. What I liked most in my training was that I was taught how to take clients safely through a physically challenging journey while at the same time respecting their individual needs. I recommend Smartbody’s Pilates Teacher Training to anyone who wishes to delve deeply and seriously into the method. I certainly find it an excellent choice for it will prepare the candidate properly for the demanding profession of being a pilates teacher Astarti Athanasiadou, Professional Pilates Teacher.

A couple of years ago I did all the research to establish who to do my teacher training with and no one came close to the focus and discipline that Jelena and the team at SmartBody have. The rich combination of self practice, teaching and observation from both an exercise and anatomical perspective, sets you up to be an amazing teacher. Michelle Rushbridge – Marketing Professional, Life Coach & Pilates Instructor

Completing the Smartbody (Mat Method) Teacher Training Programme was one of the best things I have ever done. Intense? Yes. Demanding? Yes. Rigorous? Yes. Rewarding? Yes, Yes, Yes! The Smartbody teaching team are all extremely experienced Pilates experts. Underpinned by a high quality of teaching – the programme comprehensively builds self- practice and teaching (observation and teaching practice) and is supplemented by lectures on Pilates exercises, techniques and anatomy. This means that the programme is comprehensive – you know that if you complete and pass the course you are set up to be a well-rounded and great teacher and that is what Smartbody wants you to be.
I also really appreciated the fact that Jelena and her team really care. They attentively and patiently coach, coax, mentor (or humor!) you through any personal challenges that you face. I have experienced direct impacts such as greater body awareness and physical fitness and also more subtle, less obvious benefits including greater self- confidence and energy.
Annie Francis, Lawyer and Pilates Teacher.

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