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Terms and Conditions

1) Price

- Unlimited (online) mat: 35 Euros/week
- Unlimited (online) mat: 99 Euros/month

2) Class reservation/cancellation

- you can reserve any class or reformer quartet to hold your spot in the class
- If you have signed up for a class but cannot come, the normal minimum cancellation time applies also to members (12 hours for mat and springboard and 24 hours for reformer). If you do not cancel your class before the minimum cancellation time you will be billed 1/2 the cost of the class. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3) Payment

- Payment is made via automatic withdrawal from your bank account each week or month.
- Credit card payment is also possible (contact us for details)
- Late cancellation fees will also be withdrawn from your account or card.
- You agree to allow Smartbody to make these withdrawals.

4) Initial commitment

- During the coronavirus crisis you may cancel any time. There is no initial commitment.
- You agree to do at least 3 consecutive months of this membership.

5) Contract Cancellation

- During the coronavirus crisis you may cancel 3 days before the next payment is due.
- You may cancel the contract any time for any reason after the first 3 months. When you do, the contract will end at the end of the current payment month.
- You need to cancel the contract 10 days before the next upcoming scheduled withdrawal to ensure that this payment is cancelled. Monthly payments that have already been made cannot be returned.

- Smartbody may cancel your contract at any time for any reason.
- Upgrading or downgrading your contract can occur at the end of a payment month.

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