Special workshops

Every year Smartbody offers special workshops, attracting students and teachers throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Four How and Why Workshops:

A combination of lecture, discussion, exercises, and Q&A, each workshop also includes pre and post workshop materials, including full workshop notes and videos. The entire recorded workshop will also available for repeat viewing after the workshop is over.

Why We slouch and How to Avoid It

Wed. Feb. 17 at 7-9 pm CET (Amsterdam), 1-3pm EST (New York)

(This workhshop is FULL. Waiting list only.)

With so much confusion surrounding postural support, is it a wonder that we are so bad at it? To put it another way, if you don’t know why you slouch, it’s hard to know how to stop. In this workshop we clarify the why, drawing on the most recent research in biomechanics, neuroscience, and psychology. Then we will address the how, combining the science with tips from Alexander technique so that you can address your slump in a safe, healthy, sustainable way. Anyone stuck in the slouching trap will benefit, as will teachers and therapists looking for quality information and tips for their students.

Bridges, See Saws, and Flagpoles – The mechanics of Pilates

Wed. March 10 7-9 pm CET (Amsterdam), 1-3pm EST (New York)

Every position in Pilates demands coordinated whole-body muscle activation patterns that stabilize the body against gravity. To most of us these patterns seems too complicated to figure out on our own. So we typically either memorize or just try to feel what is going on. But by learning to apply a few key concepts from engineering we can develop a more intuitive and flexible understanding of how Pilates works. This helps us solve Pilates problems with more clarity and insight. This workshop is for teachers and enthusiastic Pilates students hungry for a deeper approach to body mechanics.

Stabilization Stategies

Wed. April 14th 7-9 pm CET (Amsterdam), 1-3pm EST (New York)

Stability is a core challenge in Pilates and yet most of us don’t really know what it means physiologically. This lack of understanding is not so surprising – the science of stability is rich, evolving, and full of unresolved questions. It turns out that the body can choose from a variety of different stabilization strategies to solve any given problem. In this workshop we explain these strategies in both posture and balance, and how they can support (or get in the way of) great execution of Pilates exercises.

Muscle Tone: Pilates’ Secret Ingredient

Wed. May 12th 7-9 pm CET (Amsterdam), 1-3pm EST (New York)

This workshop introduces teachers and enthusiastic practitioners to the wonderful world of muscle tone – that vital but often overlooked dynamic background activity that supports everything we do. We will look at what is known and unknown scientifically, why it is often overlooked when describing Pilates’ benefits, how tone affects so many aspects of life, and how Pilates challenges and improves muscle tone for students. You will leave with much more concrete ways of communicating the subtleties of muscle tone, which will help you to understand and explain what you do better.

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    3 workshops €200
    4 workshops €250
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About Patrick and Tim

Patrick Johnson (PhD physics), co-owner of Smartbody, is Smartbody’s Anatomy/Physiology and Alexander technique teacher. A former research scientist, Patrick currently teachers international webinars on the science of posture and movement.  He also teaches improvisational dance and running.

Tim Cacciatore (PhD neuroscience) is a world expert on muscle tone and posture, having published in major scientific journals on how tone relates to movement and support.  He is also a certified Alexander technique teacher and presents international workshops about posture and movement science.

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