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Smartbody opens its doors every year to a number of internationally respected Master teachers, attracting both advanced students and teachers throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Each year we invite some of the best teachers in the world to Smartbody. They come for several days or more to bring their own expertise and experience to us. It is invaluable for our own development. Typically these classes are offered to professional pilates teachers and advanced students.

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Kirk Smith at Smartbody – Nov. 3rd-5th, 2017

Master Pilates teacher Kirk Smith visits Smartbody for a weekend of two master workshops and an extra day of private sessions. Don’t miss this chance to experience Kirk’s unique approach.

About Kirk:

Kirk started Pilates in the late 1990’s in New York under Joseph Pilates’ protégé Romana Kryzanowska. Kirk also studied with Pilates Elders Mary Bowen in 2000-2001 and later with Jay Grimes. His commitment to authentic Pilates is long standing as is his dedication to sharing the classical repertoire both with clients and teachers. Kirk started mentoring teachers in the US in 2007, and has continued to do so in the UK since moving there in 2012. He currently offers workshops for teachers and clients, and runs a training programme in England. In 2004, he completed the Muscle Activation Techniques® internship and became a certified MAT Specialist.


Workshop combination Price (euros)
Private 90
Half day single workshop 210
Full day Saturday 325
Full day Sunday 325
One and one half day 440
Two days 525

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Workshops Descriptions and Times

Integrating the Shoulder Girdle using Positions in Pilates. (3 hour workshop)

10am-1pm, Saturday November 4th

Positions in Pilates is Kirk’s framework for creating break-through moments in teaching. In this workshop you will learn to slow your client’s movement down and pause in key positions. This allows you to spot asymmetries and local breakdown of motor control. You will learn to then cue precise isometric activation that will improve the integration of the weak areas. This process allows the whole exercise to flow with a better convergence of strength, stretch, and control.

The workshop will focus specifically on shoulder flexion and abduction – a weak point for many people. We will look at these movements in several Pilates exercises to identify deficits in range of motion, strength, and clarity. The Positions in Pilates approach restores stable range of motion where previously there was instability. This has repercussions for functional health throughout the body.

2pm-5pm, Sat. Nov 4th: Closing the Circuit: The Long Stretch Series (3 hour workshop)

2pm-5pm, Saturday November 4th

Traditionally, in classical Pilates, many of the elders taught with minimal explanation. They expertly passed on the desired form of the exercises, but we can still improve on how we teach our clients to attain that form.

In this workshop we will look at the “closed chain” exercises with the examples of the Long Stretch, the Down Stretch, the Up Stretch, the Elephant, and the Long Back Stretch as taught to Kirk by Romana. We will analyze each other’s Long Stretch Series to identify “breaks in the circuit” i.e. weaknesses and their associated grounding issues. We will also explore the key root joints of the hip and shoulder to see how they can either restrict or liberate a whole variety of fundamental movement patterns. Our goal will be to slow things down and use precise hands on cuing to make the desirable movement almost inevitable.

10am-5pm, Sun. Nov 5th: Breaking Through With Your Client (Full day workshop)

10am-5pm, Sunday November 5th

We all get stuck sometimes. Both students and teachers hit a plateau and just cannot seem to break through. With some clients, it seems to be a lack of motivation. With others, it’s a matter of time. Most troubling, however, are clients who do carve out the time and come to the studio three times a week but still get stuck. What’s missing? Commitment? Technique? Attitude? Perspective?

Often in these moments we throw up our hands and hope for a “miracle”. We assume that repetition and time will create a breakthrough by itself.

In this workshop we will learn specific ways of effectively keeping ourselves and our clients on track and making progress even in those difficult plateaus. We explore how to guide students to specific correct conclusions when they are floundering. We will also practice modifying the constraints of the exercise to the needs of the student so that they operate within the limits of what they can do. Finally, we will apply fundamental principles from Saturday’s workshops to these difficult moments to complete the circle for the entire weekend.

If you want more information now and or want to hold a spot for the workshops or privates, feel free to contact us. Our online singup will be available shortly.

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