Why Alexander Technique?

As a child you moved freely. You took risks with your body and joy in simple pleasures. You were slim and toned and happy. As an adult, is it too much to ask for freedom, energy, and joy in moving?

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Expert Personalized Feedback

There are no short cuts to achieving the body you want, but the way there can be inspiring and exhilarating. Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone – in fact, you shouldn’t.

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A Pilates Teacher's Breastcancer Story

The surgeon’s words resonated as if the room had walls of metal. Red face, tight eyes, struggling authority. I didn’t want to be him almost as much as I didn’t want to be me. “Ms Petrovic, I am very sorry. You have breast cancer.”

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Energetic Sitting

Apart from being healthier for your spine and reducing back spasm, sitting well is energizing and enlivening.

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Privates or Group Classes?

You’ve decided that you need some Pilates. So how do you choose – privates or group classes? To answer this question we need to explain what Pilates teaches.

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What Style of Pilates Works for You?

What Style of Pilates Works for You? Style of Pilates Works for You?/49?page=3

31 May 2016


Not all Pilates is created equal. The form has evolved in different directions since Joseph Pilates’ death. This means that both the content and the kind of teaching you receive will depend on the studio you choose.

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