Alexander Technique Amsterdam: Better Posture and Reduced Tension

From working with Patrick at Smartbody I’m really getting in shape – walking taller, standing straighter, projecting more physical presence – and all by releasing and relaxing.
Tim Gordon – Accountant

After struggling for years with back, shoulder and neck problems, discovering Alexander Technique was like a miracle. Not only has it drastically reduced my pain;  I feel now that I know how to deal with pain when it recurs and take the necessary steps to reduce tension and stress on my own.
Francesca de Chatel – Researcher

Alexander Technique lessons with Patrick have been amazing for my well being, posture, and ease of movement. I’ve trained with quite a few Alexander technique teachers but in my opinion Patrick is the clearest and the best.
Bregje Prins Humanitarian aid worker

Achieve optimal body alignment and let go of excess tension and chronic pain.

How you support yourself affects everything you do – sitting at a computer, presenting at a meeting, performing, working out, playing sports, playing with your kids – everything. Are you taking care of your posture or do you have excess tension, poor alignment or instability?

Learn to let go of harmful postural habits and chronic pain and you will stand, sit, and move with more freedom, stability, and confidence.

Smartbody Alexander

Our Alexander technique teacher Patrick Johnson has the experience and skill needed to guide you through the process of changing deep postural habits.  You will receive:

– expert hands on guidance
– clear explainations for the causes of your habits
– the tools you need to improve for life.

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Patrick also teaches specialized sessions for pre-teens and teens, musicians, dancers, runners and other movers. Please read on to find out more about our private lessons and group workshops

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