Alexander technique Amsterdam: Reduced tension and better posture

We teach you healthy, dynamic support in all of your activities. You will feel more poised with less chronic tension.

Your postural system supports everything you do – sitting at a computer, presenting at a meeting, playing a musical instrument, doing sports, and playing with your kids. Ask yourself, are you supporting yourself well or do you have excess tension, poor alignment, and/or instability?

Practicing Alexander technique will reduce harmful habits of tension so that you can stand, sit, and move with more freedom, stability, and confidence. Along the way we can address habitual patterns that are the source of chronic pain such as back and neck pain or RSI.

Smartbody Alexander

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Our Alexander technique teacher Patrick Johnson has the experience and skill needed to guide your process as you change your habits of posture and tension. He approaches lessons from a hands-on learning perspective that combines a) expert hands on guidance b) explaining and understanding your habits and c) giving you the tools you need to practice outside of lessons.

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We also offer group classes and specialized workshops which allow you to practice the principles of good posture and movement in real time, experimenting for yourself and with others. Alexander technique has also been applied to sports, particularly running and swimming, with remarkable results.

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Patrick’s Alexander technique lessons always give me surprisingly good results and insights into what is possible for my body. It is very practical and applicable for everyday life. It has improved my posture and my mind as well. It has improved my Tango dancing, and made my piano playing better and more efficient. Patrick uses his knowledge and experience to solve problems in the moment, with patience and humor.

Age Akkerman
Dutch teacher

Alexander Technique lessons with Patrick have been amazing for my well being, posture, and ease of movement. I’ve trained with quite a few Alexander technique teachers but in my opinion Patrick is the clearest and the best. I’ve also done years or training in dance and yoga but the only thing that has truly fundamentally and sustainably changed my deep postural habits has been Alexander technique lessons with Patrick.

Bregje Prins
Humanitarian aid worker

From working with Patrick at Smartbody I’m really getting in shape – walking taller, standing straighter, projecting more physical presence – and all by releasing and relaxing. Also there’s less tension in my piano practice. A great way to work with or without other physical activities.

Tim Gordan

After struggling for years with back, shoulder and neck problems and trying multiple other therapies and remedies, discovering Alexander Technique was like a miracle. Not only has it drastically reduced my pain; it is also the first time that I feel I know how to deal with pain when it recurs and take the necessary steps to reduce tension and stress on my own, without painkillers or therapists. Patrick is an excellent teacher who listens closely to students and brilliantly explains techniques and exercises with vivid examples.

Francesca de Châtel
PhD.- Researcher and Journalist

A great investment that will help you for the rest of your life!

Marijke van der Heijden
Coach and consultant