The Smartbody professional teacher training program combines a complete online course with live discussion, Q&A, feedback sessions, group classes and personal observations.  And, if you live near the studio, many of these can be completed in person.

Please browse some selected video clips from our online course, including lecture clips from both our mat course and anatomy, and selections from our complete exercises library.

Enjoy!  And let us know if you have any questions.

Clips from Lectures

Lecture Clip 1: Finding Your Center

Lecture Clip 2: Mobility of the Arms and Legs

Lecture Clip 3: Hip Dissociation

Lecture Clip 4: Breaking Down Movements

Lecture Clip 5: V Stance

Anatomy Clip 1: Lumbar Vertebrae

Anatomy Clip 2: How Do Muscles Twist?

Anatomy Clip 3: Muscle Tone

Sample Exercise 1: Open Leg Rocker

Sample Exercise 2: Hip Circles

Sample Exercise 3: Climb a Tree

Sample Exercise 4: Side Kicks

Sample Exercise 5: Swimming Prep