Taking online line lessons is a remarkably personalized and satisfying experience. Our approach even offers some advantages above and beyond live lessons!

When you take an online lesson from Smartbody you get just as much personalized attention as in a live class. The video interface we use allows teachers to observe all the students, all the time, continuously. When you do something well, you get a “nice job!”. When you are cheating a bit, you get an immediate verbal correction. We’ve been surprised at just how much feedback a teacher can give via the screen.

The group feeling is still there. When you look at the screen, you see the teacher, but you also see all of your fellow classmates. This means you can see what everyone else is doing just by glancing at the screen – something you can’t do in a class. The online groups also tend to chat more before and after lesson. This means more social interaction – essential in these tough times.

Finally, the convenience can’t be beaten. Plunk down a mat in your bedroom or living room, stick your laptop on a chair, and you are off and running. After the class, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and take a nice showering. We make it easy to join the class – a simple click on an email link.

So is online better than live? In some ways it really is, in other ways perhaps not. But there is not doubt that online Pilates offers a great, personalized, Pilates high that will put a smile on the of your day.