There are no short cuts to achieving the body you want, but the way there can be inspiring and exhilarating. Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone – in fact, you shouldn’t.

We like to think we can fix our own body problems – that sore back or frustrating slouch. We try to “sit up straight” without ever even considering what what is really getting in the way. We do endless exercise repetitions without really confronting our true weaknesses. We might try to get a little help – a book or video or a big anonymous class at the gym. But often this is not enough. We get a nice rush from the workout, and pick up a few things, but it doesn’t seem to get to the root of the problem.

Most body problems don’t yield to this kind of generalized approach. Your weaknesses and strengths are specific to you. You need personalized feedback from someone who can pinpoint just what your body needs.


When you find a great Pilates teacher you suddenly begin to do things you never imagined possible and progress with speed. It’s like that moment after hours spent trying to fix your computer when you find an expert who solves the problem in 30 seconds. You want to hug her. Nothing beats personalized help from an expert.

You are probably an expert at a few things. Perhaps you are a consultant, lawyer, teacher, psychologist, or designer. You’ve experience clients’ initial confusion and frustration followed by grateful amazement when you get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently. Those are happy moments.

A good Pilates class gives you that feeling of grateful amazement. Find a studio where the classes are small and the teachers look at you, talk to you, and touch you. Where the teachers and students look great – full of poise, calm, mobility, and strength. Where the atmosphere reeks of Pilates knowledge and commitment. Where there is the time, space, and expertise to get the personalized feedback you need.

In short, surround yourself with experts and let them help you.