Quality Pilates in Amsterdam, Guided by Experts

Smartbody provides the highest quality Pilates on the reformer and mat, in both private and small groups, taught by highly trained professionals, in the center of Amsterdam.


Smartbody Amsterdam, founded by Jelena Petrovic in 2006, is synonymous with body expertise and a down-to-earth, generous teaching approach. Located in the heart of Amsterdam at Molenpad 15, this studio offers high-quality Pilates on both the reformer and mat. Their passionate and professional teachers are rigorously trained and certified in Pilates and the Alexander Technique. Smartbody’s teachers continually delve into the art and science of these disciplines, making them some of the best in Amsterdam. The studio’s elegant and intimate space features wooden floors, sky-high ceilings, and classic Amsterdam architecture.

Introductory Pilates intensives get you up to speed in one session, allowing you to join regular classes with confidence. For those dealing with chronic pain or poor posture, Smartbody offers Alexander Technique lessons that promote release of unnecessary tension and balanced, open posture. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Smartbody’s group and private Pilates classes cater to all levels. Book a class at Smartbody and experience the highest quality Pilates guided by experts in the heart of Amsterdam

Privates and Classes

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Private and Semiprivate Lessons

Private and semiprivate Pilates lessons are the ultimate personalized and flexible training program for whole body strength, posture, flexibility, and coordination. Privates take advantage of all the Pilates equipment, including Cadillac, Reformer, Springboard, Pilates Chair and Barrel, and mat.

Personalized attention in small groups

Pilates Mat (small groups)

Get addicted to precision workouts with our mat classes. Known for their small size (12 students maximum) and personalized attention from highly expert teachers. With 4 different levels you will find a small group of like minded students at your level.

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Pilates Reformer (small groups)

Reformer class is a specialized exercise method that provides a full-body workout in a supportive and efficient manner. Our group reformer classes have 4 students maximum and are supervised by a highly trained senior teacher.


In all the years I’ve been a model, I’ve never found any workout as enjoyable and as effective as my pilates workouts at smart body. My posture, and my strength has improved as well as the definition and length in my body. On top of that, the instructors and the vibe in the studio make me feel like im part of this really cool club, that makes me leave on a physical and mental high..I JUST LOVE BEING THERE!

Mallory Zeilstra
professional model

Best Pilates studio ever. Fantastic teachers. Great atmosphere. Changed my life.

Andrey Davtchev
CMO at HelloHungry

It’s as if my body was screaming, yessss! this is good for you!

Dereck Cayla
Professional dancer

People overuse the expression “life changing” but in this instance it’s literally true: Pilates has changed my life by releasing me from chronic pain.

Vicky Hampton
Freelance writer, foodie, marketeer, social media expert

Whenever I walk out of Smartbody, I feel more confident, stronger, enlightened, happy. It feels like I can do anything.

Lars Essink
Chef de partie – Rôti at Restaurant Vis en Meer

If I had had any idea how much Pilates would help me with my back pain, fitness, and strength, I would have started doing it years ago. The studio is an oasis of calm, the schedule offers variety and flexibility, and the teachers are passionate and incredibly talented.

Amanda Feve
Chief Strategy Officer, Anomaly Amsterdam

The best pilates studio in Amsterdam! Top teachers. Professional and personal approach, also in group classes. Great livestream classes seven days a week. My lifeline. Come and join us!

Marise Voskens